Ghetto Gourmet Cuisine Sending Your Taste Buds Into A Frenzy!

Thee Chef J
About Us

Personal Chef & Owner of Ghetto Gourmet Cuisine, Chef J provides a luxurious and

tantalizing fare for any occasion.

Her culinary excursion begins with creating a high-end experience and bringing the five

senses to life before sending your taste buds into a frenzy.

Hailing from The Art Institute of California, Inland Empire for Design, Media Arts,

Fashion and Culinary programs, Chef J brings to the tasting table a unique style

all her own; Soul Food...with a Twist!

To Chef J, the term "Soul Food," simply invigorates a meaning "To Cook With Love for Every Meal."

Bon Appétit!


Ghetto Gourmet Cuisine sources locally grown, organic, fresh, high-quality ingredients for each and every dish.

"Food First" is our quality-assurance methodology that is never compromised; it is our highest concern to provide

exceptional service and products, but most importantly, to cater to our client's specific needs at all costs.

We take pride in our ability to serve specialty courses for individuals with food allergies or dietary restrictions - Your

health is of our utmost concern. During your consultation please mention all of your food requirements; our friendly

staff will assist you in selecting supplements to fit your every need.

Joye Abney
Owner / Head Chef,
is a Graduate of

ACF Member